079: The Return of the Word Nerd with Jessi Honard

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Just follow your North Star…hopefully it brings you to my latest conversation with Jessi Honard, a bonafide nerd of words! Jessi’s business follows her purpose by helping entrepreneurs build their purpose-driven brands.

Take notes on how to improve those copy skills. This is a good one.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Can you guess where I’m located during this episode–> Hint, it’s not Cali 😉
– My Amazon Best Seller course is now live! CopyThatPops.com/bestseller (Early Bird Special Pricing through the end of June 2017 only)
– What is Jessi’s Copywriting Character Quiz and how can you use it in your business?
– Jessi is my 1st guest to get two full interviews! We may make this an annual podcast!
– Tune in for some awesome freebie advice!

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Guest and Company:

North Star Messaging + Strategy includes Jessi Honard and her business partner as they help purpose-driven entrepreneurs work smarter with their content, giving them the tools they need to embrace their voice {no robots or clones allowed!} and build a sustainable business they love.

Over the years, they’ve busted down the messaging blocks of countless entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and university systems. Their work has been featured in a number of podcasts and media outlets, including The School of Self-Mastery, Copy that Pops, Expert Interviews, The RV Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and YFS Magazine.

Great Quotes:

  • “We wanted a name that represented our business and what we did with our business.”– Jessi Honard
  • “It’s been finding the mission of the entire organization and making sure that it’s represented so that they can meet those larger goals.” Jessi Honard
  • “You can totally build a sustainable business that’s just built around cash and flow and that’s it; but the types of sustainable businesses that people remain passionate about are those purpose driven businesses.” – Jessi Honard
  • “They aren’t really sure how to find their voice.” – Jessi Honard
  • “People relate to archetypes really well.” – Jessi Honard
  • “We started out as just copywriting and we realized what we were doing was deeper than copywriting.” – Jessi Honard
  • “They also relate to quizzes really well too.” – Jessi Honard
  • “You can’t take yourself out of the equation.” – Jessi Honard
  • “We work with people in a collaborative way.” – Jessi Honard
  • “You can’t separate messaging from strategy.” – Jessi Honard
  • “We look at the whole package and make sure you have a consistent voice throughout.” – Jessi Honard
  • “You need to have that full strategy there.” – Jessi Honard
  • “We’ve built all of our audience just through organic traffic.” – Jessi Honard
  • “I’d much rather teach you to write your own facebook ads and feel confident in them being in your voice than have myself write them for you and then you still feel like your disconnected from your own business process.” – Jessi Honard
  • “Knowing the signs of exhaustion so you can back up.” – Jessi Honard
  • “You don’t want to start dreading what you love.” – Jessi Honard
  • “It’s great to make connections but important you want to build a sustainable business that lasts.” – Jessi Honard
  • “Your business has a signature story and your brand has a signature story.” – Jessi Honard
  • “No matter how little of a story it looks like you have on the outside, you have something meaningful to share; and you have the power to share it.” – Jessi Honard
  • “We can have more than one signature stories.” – Jessi Honard
  • “There’s always going to be someone new who can hear your message.” – Jessi Honard

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