078: Quick Psychology Tip: What Goes Around Comes Around (In A Great Way!)

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Let’s apply the psychological principle of ‘reciprocity’ to business.

Heck, this quick tip applies to everyday life too!

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– Principle of Reciprocity and what it means for you!
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Great Quotes:

  • “We tend to go to great lengths to not feel the shame of being labeled a freeloader or user.” – Laura Petersen
  • “Those who share, give value, think of others are far more likely to receive back equal and greater value.” Laura Petersen


the psychology principle of reciprocity - let's apply this tip to your businessHello everyone, I’m Laura Petersen …or Miss P. as my high school students used to call me back with I taught math and psychology.

Speaking of Psychology…I wanted to jump in with a quick psych tip that you can keep in mind for use in your business (and life!).

Have you heard of the ‘principle of reciprocity’?

You may have!

Put simply: When someone gives us something we feel really compelled to want to give something back in return.

What you may not know is WHY we humans are like that..

Again, we need to look at Evolutionary Psychology like we did waaaaay back in Episode 001 which is called “3 Seconds Is All You Get – The Psychology of Why Landing Page Optimization Matters.”

Imagine even further back in time than episode 001, i’m talking hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years.

Back before agriculture and civilization as we know it. Humans lived in hunter/gather groups and survival was at the top of the priority list…day in and day out. Our long-ago ancestors learned quickly that to share food and skills meant survival for the group and for our own selves. Sure you may have a bounty of meat now, but if you share some, I will share the fruit I find in a few days to hold you over until the next hunt.

As a result, we formed a system, a set of rules and expectations around sharing, cooperation, and obligation.

Most of us today are taught from day 1 to share, give back, and take turns… we go to great lengths often to not feel the shame of being labeled a freeloader or ‘user.’

Applying this principle of reciprocity, there are many who do it for their own gain as a disguise for generosity.

Have you ever been approached by a stranger who hands you a flower or sticker? (Visit Venice in Italy, for example, if you’d like to experience it). These crafty givers have discovered that tourists feel obligated to give them money in exchange for what seems at first like a gift.

With online businesses, it is a bit of the psychology of ‘give your best content away for free’ or ‘here’s a free 20 minute consultation.’

Giving a lot of value makes the receiver feel indebted and more likely to want to give you value in return.

Don’t use this in a scummy way, but keep in mind that those who share, take turns, give value, think of others….are far more likely to receive back equal or greater value.

What goes around comes around after all!

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