077: Quick Copy Tip: How to Get Terrific Testimonials

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Quick copy tip on testimonials to help you gain more future customers!

Tune in to find out some great tips to help you enhance and improve your testimonials on your landing pages.

A few exciting highlights include:
– My Amazon Best Seller course went live last week!
– Improve your testimonials
– 5 Tactics to get better testimonials

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Great Quotes:

  • “Replace fluffy, general testimonials and get VIDEO versions where possible.” – Laura Petersen
  • “Your language is more real and specific.”– Laura Petersen
  • “It feels more like a story, and stores connect.” – Laura Petersen

This Episode’s Cheat Sheet:

Quick Copy Tip: Swap out fluffy, general testimonials on your website.

Instead of:

  • “Company XYZ is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help.” – Jane Smith

Go with:

  • “Company XYZ was not actually my first choice but I went with them because of a referral. And boy am I glad I did. Their prices were higher than others I considered, but I’ve received everything promised, on time. They keep me completely informed of all progress and always take the stress off my shoulders. I highly recommend them if you are managing a large team and want a service you don’t have to micromanage.” – Jane Smith

5 Things To Ask for in a Testimonial

  1. Transformation via emotion (bad → good)
  2. New insights gained you didn’t know before working together
  3. Benefits gained like:
    saved time, less wasted action, more money, improved work flow
  4. If you would recommend me and who would be perfect for my product/services
  5. Anything else that comes to mind, share openly!

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