076: 5 Pitching Tips Leveraging Psychology & Copy with Meghan Alonso

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5 Pitching Tips Leveraging Psychology & Copy with Meghan Alonso — Gemini birthday girls on the podcast today!

Meghan Alonso joins me today for the interview and she is a woman of many talents!

Salsa dancing on America’s Got Talent, former gymnast AND helped train U.S. Olympic pole-vaulters!

Along with that incredible resume, Meghan is also CEO of Imua Services, a speaker, podcaster and contributing author. So much knowledge to gain from our conversation! Don’t miss out!

IMUA–>Find out what it means in our interview 😉

A few exciting highlights include:
– How to win a Pitch Makeover!
– What makes a great pitch?! Or a bad one?
– 5 tips for a great pitch!

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Meghan Alonso is the CEO of Imua Services and they’re on a mission to motivate, equip, and lead 1 million startups and entrepreneurs to start innovating new medical products by the year 2020.

She’s a speaker, a podcaster, and contributing author with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington in his book, Put a Shark in Your Tank a book that hit #1 Amazon Best-Seller the day that it went live.

Great Quotes:

  • “When you’re pitching you always want to present the problem and then your product is going to be the solution.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “Present the problem and make it a dollar opportunity.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “Investors are definitely looking for a return on their investment.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “Don’t do death by power point.”– Meghan Alonso
  • “Don’t overwhelm your slides.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “All great information should be shared.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “You never know where you are going to present or how the lightning will be in the room. You can flip your text with a black background and white text.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “If the lighting is overexposed in the room, they won’t be able to see your presentation very well.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “It really makes the copy pop.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “When we present in front of investors, we are building their trust and giving them the confidence they need to invest in us.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “Be up front and honest and present reasons why they should invest; and give reasons why they shouldn’t invest.”– Meghan Alonso
  • “Do your homework on their previous deals and what deals they’ve invested in before and what their portfolio looks like.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “We want to be prepared; we want to be professional in our pitch.”– Meghan Alonso
  • “Keep your pitch slides short and anticipate questions.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “They want to see the progress that you’ve done so far.”– Meghan Alonso
  • “Don’t take the full allotted time to pitch.” – Meghan Alonso
  • “Mimic the situation as close to real life as possible.” – Meghan Alonso

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