075: Debating, Novels, Crowdfunding, and Pronouncing the Letter “R” with Felix Hartmann

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Can you say “Welcome” in German?! Our guest today can…but that’s not all…

Felix Hartmann shares with us about how to be an Amazon Best-Selling author in fiction, a master debater, a CEO of a new disruptive crowdfunding company, and a native-sounding English speaker.

A few exciting highlights include:

corinne wilhelm byte sized english– You will never believe how old Felix is! Listen to my introduction of him and guess his age before I reveal it.
– Shout out to Corinne Wilhelm who messaged me on Instagram – long-time listener of the show and runs Byte Sized English out of Berlin!
– Find out which one of us was a national debater in high school!
– Check out our video version of this interview too! [above] – What is extemporaneous speaking?
– Learn some tips on how to improve your writing, non-fiction, and debating!
– Felix’s thoughts on Amazon Ads and how it’s printing money for him.
– Felix shares great tips on how to have a successful business by hiring great help
– Let me know where you are listening from each week!

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Felix Hartmann is the 22 year old CEO of FundThis.com, a disruptive new Crowdfunding Platform that aims to redefine the industry. He was named one of Everipedia’s 30 under 30, and one of Temple University’s 3 under 30.

Next to FundThis, Felix is also a bestselling dystopian fiction author, known for his breakout novel Dark Age, which was nominated for major literary awards like the Dragon and Prometheus Awards.


FundThis is a crowdfunding company that’s revolutionizing the industry! They are competitors to Kick Starter and Indiegogo but are serving crowdfunding clients in a new way that makes the crowdfunding experience far better and more successful.

Find out more here – FundThis.com

Great Quotes:

  • “It’s all about a conscious effort of improving it.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “Over time, if you actually consciously work on it, you can fix it.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “Becoming a great speaker is being able to be in the moment and have a stream of consciousness while still making sense.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “It’s not about the words on the pages; it’s about how you say them.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “If you are an entrepreneur, communication is one of your top priorities.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “There are so many problems in the world because people are so convinced of their own narrative that they forget the other side also has a narrative.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “If you’re an author you have to be comfortable with marketing.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “To get to the top of the list I did 3 months of free marketing.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “On the best crowd funding platforms, only 10% are successful.”– Felix Hartmann
  • “The interests are aligned and there is more synergy.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “I don’t just see the products, I see the face of the product and I helped get them there.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “It’s really about understanding your customer.” – Felix Hartmann
  • “It’s not about you asking for anything, it’s more you providing value.” – Felix Hartmann

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