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I need your help!

Today’s episode is a quick request from me to you!

Tune in to find out!

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  • Who is Ms. P?!
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Check out the transcript from today’s quick episode!!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Copy That Pops where we look for writing tips and psychology hacks to improve our businesses as entrepreneurs…and digital nomads if you are able to work remotely.

I’m Laura Petersen, your host! Or “Miss P” as my students used to call me when I taught high school math and psychology.

So, today’s episode is completely different! I purely want to ask for your feedback! If you could take a moment and pull up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat… my handle is @LaptopLaura. Or you can email me at Laura@copythatpops.com

My ask for you is simple but there are two things…


I’d like to know what is something you are struggling with right now in your business.

It doesn’t matter what!

I’m finding that most all things in biz can be improved by more concise and compelling copy and some type of psychological insight!

But I’d really like to hear from you so that I can find ways to better address topics that would make a positive impact for you.


This weekend, it’s mid May in 2017…I’m sitting down to create some new products and free lead magnets to grow my email list and bring people into some new funnels I am creating, specifically around the course for How to Become an Amazon Best Seller.

Wanted your thoughts on the following idea…


Would you download for free and/or would you pay for email templates that are like madlibs — remember those fun things!? — where you could be prompted to put in your own info, but the entire email was already crafted for you…

With spacing, bullets, bolding where appropriate, etc…

You would just copy and paste the email to use for yourself and fill in the blanks to make it customized to you.

I started working on 5 this weekend and wanted to hear if you think that would be valuable to you…save you time….give you a great start and end writer’s block….improve your styling bc you tend to write in big paragraph blobs, etc.

So far the 5 are:

Email to pitch yourself to get interviewed on a podcast
Email to invite others onto your podcast (other podcasters)
Email to invite others onto your podcast (non-podcasters)
Email encouraging guest to share episode
Email to book podcast guest on your calendar

If you like the idea, ping me @LaptopLaura on any social platform or email Laura@CopyThatPops.com and let me know! I’d also love to hear what you think the market would pay for something like those…or should they stay as free option lead magnets?

What other emails would you like a template for so you could nail it each time and save time, energy, and stress?

Please ping me and let me know! I could really use some feedback.

To recap…

On social or via email, please let me know:
1. What is a current struggle you are facing in biz

  1. Honest thoughts about templates of prewritten emails that you can fill in the blanks to customize…like madlibs for awesome biz emails

Thank you in advance! Next week we’ll be back with a guest you will love…

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Until next time, this is LaptopLaura reminding you to write copy that pops!