071: $20 Million in Sales on Amazon: Writing, Psychology, and Productivity Lessons Learned from Connor Gillivan

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Can you believe we just passed our 1 year anniversary of the Copy That Pops podcast?! So many memories and experiences that I am so grateful to share with you guys.

Today’s guest is an e-Commerce expert, serial entrepreneur, and author: Connor Gillivan. Our conversation digs into Amazon, virtual assistants, and so much more!

Update: Connor hit #1 in THREE CATEGORIES of Amazon the day he went live on 4/26/17. He is my first ‘student’ to hit the trifecta. So proud of him!connor gillivan amazon best seller in three categories Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_4_32_52_PM

A few exciting highlights include:
– Find out when Connor’s entrepreneur bug bit him!
– Dropshipping with Amazon
– Connor discusses why he decided to become an author!
– We hear some great tips on how to have a successful business by hiring great help!
– Teleportation??
– Special offer with FreeeUp – $1/hour off for your first worker that you hire!!

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Connor Gillivan (@ConnorGillivan) is a serial entrepreneur and author with an expertise in e-Commerce, online hiring, content marketing, and bootstrapping online companies. He is from Albany, New York and now resides in Orlando, Florida.

He is passionate about running, reading, and writing in his free time. He loves meeting other entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact through their companies. He also loves traveling the world experiencing different cultures and people.


Connor Gillivan was the co-founder and CMO of FreeeUp.com (@freeeup), the online hiring platform for the e-Commerce industry. Before starting FreeeUp, he co-founded his first e-Commerce business, Portlight, while still in college and grew it to sell over $20 million on Amazon.com.

In addition, Connor owns his own website, ConnorGillivan.com, where he writes about starting e-Commerce businesses and lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey. Finally, Connor is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies which hit Amazon Best-Seller in three categories.

[New bio info in 2022] Connor Gillivan also founded Ecombalance.com a monthly bookkeeping service for Ecommerce Sellers/agencies and OutsourceSchool.com where he teaches his hiring processes.

Great Quotes:

  • “It teaches you about waking up everyday and grinding away.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “We ended up building drop ship relationships with over a thousand suppliers across the United States.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “We’re representing around 500,000 products on Amazon.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “You really want to understand the metrics that Amazon holds you to as a seller.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “You want to figure out how you can be awesome in their eyes.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “When you can sell a great product and put up great content, the customer is going to come.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “Give as much information as you personally would want to see when you personally purchase a product.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “We wanted to build a platform where e-Commerce businesses, and even just online businesses could easily access reliable workers without having to go through that initial leg work that maybe they are not the best at.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “One of the biggest difficulties for entrepreneurs is realizing when there is too much stuff on your plate.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “We’re extremely hands on and we’re just fast.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “Our big focus is just to be quick with the delivery.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “The biggest thing when hiring remote freelancers is communication.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “We were trying to create another great piece of content to tell clients and workers on the marketplace and anyone we’re interacting with a little bit more about ourselves and also about the lessons we’ve learned and the failures we’ve gone through building these companies.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “There are places where you and your book content could come in and kind of create some spark and gain that #1 best seller spot.” – Connor Gillivan
  • “Every week and every day I plan out everything I’m looking to achieve.” – Connor Gillivan

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