$96,250 from One Email by a "Grandfather" of Internet Marketing, Terry Dean

063: $96,250 from One Email by a “Grandfather” of Internet Marketing, Terry Dean

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$96,250.00 from just one email over a weekend. Yep. Sounds too good to be true, right!?

Well, listen to my interview of Terry Dean to gain some incredible insight into his success and how you can apply it too, specifically around compelling copy.

A few exciting highlights include:

– Consider including personal stories in order for you to grow your relationships!
– Great discussion on why keeping an email list is so essential! Hint: Income Stability
– More content vs. Less content

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Guest:063 Terry Dean

Terry Dean has personally helped thousands of clients set-up profitable Internet Lifestyles in hundreds of different markets through both his private and group coaching programs.

He helps small business entrepreneurs attract high-quality clients, spot conversion cracks on their websites, and earn a big income even from small email lists.

His motto is Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

Great Quotes:

  • “Earn more. Work less.” – Terry Dean
  • “One of the smartest things I ever did was build an email list.” – Terry Dean
  • “Position yourself as an expert” – Terry Dean
  • “Enjoy life without compromising your values.” – Terry Dean
  • “You want people not to just have the information, but to bond with you directly.” – Terry Dean
  • “I started sending out one email a week.” – Terry Dean
  • “Each month as my email list got bigger, so did my income.” – Terry Dean
  • “The biggest mistake that people make is sending an email with a lot of content.” – Terry Dean

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