054: Writing Anywhere In the World with Boom Shikha

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Are you a good writer?
Yes or no, there are ways to improve that will significantly help your business.

Boom and I discuss entrepreneurship, digital nomading, and tangible ways to become a better writer.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Why was I in Orlando this past week?
– The setbacks Boom had before jumping into entrepreneurship
– The different countries Boom has lived in [How many have you lived in? Tweet me!] – What a digital nomad means for Boom
– The details of her new book
– Her best advice for writing and how you can improve right away

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Boom Shikha (@BoomShikha) is a digital nomad who currently lives in Thailand. Coming from an Indian background, Boom never thought she could become an entrepreneur let alone a digital nomad. She took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2016. She now has a

successful business teaching others how to become a digital nomad. She plans on continuing her journey to travel the world and work from anywhere as long as she has an internet connection.


The Millionaire Hippie is a company, blog, and podcast that helps you start your online business. Boom teaches how to become location independent, travel the world, and make money.

Great Quotes:

  • “People have these blocks inside of their head and they think that other people do it but I am not that.” – Boom Shikha
  • “What do I really want from life? What am I looking for and how am I going to make that happen because enough is enough?” – Boom Shikha
  • “Freedom means location independence and time freedom.” – Boom Shikha
  • “If you’re thinking about doing something, go all in.” – Boom Shikha
  • “That’s the point of digital nomading. You’re free to engineer your life the way you want it to look.” – Boom Shikha
  • “They have the possibility of working from anywhere in the world.” – Boom Shikha
  • “I want people to build businesses based on their passion because that will last longer.” – Boom Shikha
  • “Time expands and contracts.” – Boom Shikha
  • “I made more progress in the last nine months than the last ten years of living.” – Boom Shikha
  • “Consistency in writing matters… I write every single day even if it’s absolute crap.” – Boom Shikha
  • “Listen to your own heart more so than anything else. Your intuition knows more than anything else on this planet.” – Boom Shikha
  • “Follow your heart and take the step.” – Boom Shikha

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