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Are you digging deep into the possibilities of the different paths you could be taking to better fulfill your life?

In this episode, Adrian Aguilar shares his own experiences as well as the skills he uses to coach others in finding meaningful work and success.

A few exciting highlights include:

  • How to dig deeper and discover your path
  • The effects of perspective and mindset
  • The importance of psychology in business
  • Advice on writing resumes and cover letters
  • What will get a resume seen versus skipped over
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14435169_529893647199138_7085061139597785475_o-1Adrian Aguilar (@inspired_adrian) is a Career Coach as well as the host of Letsplore, a podcast that helps millennials figure out what they want to do with their lives. After graduating from college, he held eight different positions in the span of four years. During this time, Adrian was miserable and never really felt challenged.

After years of dreaming, Adrian finally pulled the trigger and quit his full-time job to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Throughout this journey, he wants to give back and help others to be successful by applying his own story.

Adrian is helping others take the next step in their careers and believes that we learn best by learning from others who have gone through similar journeys.


Inspired by Adrian (@inspired_adrian) is the company founded by Adrian Aguilar to help millennials find meaningful work and be successful. The job market has changed drastically over the years, and so has the process of getting a job.

Even in a tough economy, people still want to have meaningful work and something that they are passionate about. This is possible when you are truly willing to put in the effort, but the effort is wasted if you don’t understand how to navigate the job market.

Adrian coaches others and shows them what they need to obtain the meaningful work that they truly desire. Inspired by Adrian offers a six module course on how to find meaningful work, which includes a one-hour consultation, unlimited access to Adrian via a Facebook group, how to create an optimal LinkedIn profile, interview questions, and interview do’s and don’t’s.

Great Quotes:

  • “It doesn’t matter what industry or what career path you’re going to go down, there’s some sort of aspect of psychology in it.” – Adrian Aguilar
  • “You need to be able to dig deep into your ideal client’s brain and tailor your services or products and how you pitch to what they’re looking for.” – Adrian Aguilar
  • “The average that someone looks at a resume is six seconds, so make sure it counts.” – Adrian Aguilar

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