Lead Magnet & Content Upgrade Strategy with Jill Stanton [Book Influencer Mini-Series]

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Are you creating purposeful content that can change the relationship of your audience from listener to customer?

In this episode, Jill Stanton gives advice on writing copy, using lead magnets, and creating sales funnels. These tips are helpful for all entrepreneurs and podcasters!

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Writing compelling and purposeful copy
  • Overcoming the dreaded writer’s block
  • Creating hyperspecific lead magnets and sales funnels
  • Leading your audience towards joining your list or making a purchase
  • How podcasters can apply this advice
  • Copywriting for Podcasters? Yep! Grab my Amazon Best Selling Book now!


jill-stanton-headshotJill Stanton (@Clark_Jill) is the Co-Founder of Screw the Nine to Five, a company that focuses on intermediate to advanced internet marketing training. Jill and her husband, Josh, work together running a blog and podcast for Screw the Nine to Five, as well as an online membership community for entrepreneurs called Screw U. In late 2011, they decided to test out what it would be like to build a business together by starting a small affiliate site. After many months of hard work, and over 30 websites later, Jill and Josh were able to build their business up to making over $10,000 a month. Today, they have a multi 6-figure business that they run while traveling all over the world. With the knowledge and experience that this duo has today, their objective is to help entrepreneurs create the life of their dreams by building their own online business.


Screw U (@screwthe9tofive) is an online membership community that provides everything an ambitious online business owner requires. Members receive three core features that every online entrepreneur needs, including a close-knit community, personal advice, and customized training. The Screw U community has over 600 members and offers the opportunity to collaborate, enjoy local masterminds, and even meetups with members that are nearby. Personal advice is given to members at any stage of business, with community forums, personalized feedback, and inspiration. The customized training is designed to help identify which of the five business stages a member is at, and then create success by giving a step-by-step guidance system.

Great Quotes:

  • “The best way to create compelling copy is to write how you speak.” – Jill Stanton
  • “The trick is to identify the main interest or pain points for people and start creating purposeful podcasts around those topics.” – Jill Stanton
  • “Have something relevant that serves to help change the relationship from listener to customer.” – Jill Stanton
  • “The key is to stay on purpose and stay strategic so that you’re not just falling into the trap of creating content for the sake of creating content.” – Jill Stanton

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