Facebook Ad Copy with Amanda Bond, The Ad Strategist [Book Influencer Mini-Series]

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Want your Facebook ads to convert like gangbusters? Amanda Bond, the Ad Strategist, shares unique strategies for entrepreneurs to leverage Facebook ads to help grow their podcast and business. And we talk about Facebook Ad Copy — fo’ sho’!

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Overcoming the key challenges with Facebook ads
  • The importance of making your Facebook ad copy about your audience
  • How to be relatable to your audience and create a community
  • Obtaining long time listeners for your podcast
  • How to inject your personality into your ads and Facebook ad copy
  • Tips on sending pitch emails to potential guests for your podcast
  • Copywriting for Podcasters? Yep! Grab my Amazon Bestselling Book now! [It’s the one that BOND contributed to along with 18 other mega-influencers]

Facebook Ad Copy Expert Guest:
Facebook Ad Copy - Amanda Bond is owner of The Ad Strategist and the creator of The StrADegy System®

Amanda Bond is owner of The Ad Strategist and the creator of The StrADegy System®.

Entrepreneur Magazine calls her a “Facebook advertising genius” and Social Media Examiner has recognized her as “the brightest mind in Facebook advertising today.”

A fiery personality, Bond mixes education and entertainment in a straight shooting way to help people turn attention into revenue (on autopilot!) by automating their Facebook advertising sequences.

Read more about Bond’s 3-Step Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook Ad Pro Company:

The Ad Strategist is an online training and digital media company.

They help creatives—coaches, consultants, and course creators—automate their Facebook advertising. Freeing them from constant social media creation and leveraging the attention they create online in an industry where algorithms change at the speed of light.

The Ad Strategist’s signature framework, The StrADegy System®, is recognized by HubSpot Academy, a worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales education, and is included in their social media certification program.

Great Quotes About Facebook Ad Copy and More:

  • “It’s about connecting with why someone would want to take the time to listen.” – Amanda Bond
  • “Podcasts are a commitment. To get people interested in making that commitment with you, it has to speak to them.” – Amanda Bond
  • “Take that ideal person and pull that out into all the messaging that you do.” – Amanda Bond
  • “The moment I gave myself permission to be myself and to stop trying to be like others was when it just started to click.” – Amanda Bond
  • “We all know with podcasts, it just takes one episode to hook somebody.” – Amanda Bond
  • “If you don’t have the connection, the relationship will never get off the ground from the start.” – Amanda Bond
  • “The way to connect is to stop making it about you and to make it about the audience.” – Amanda Bond

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