Kardashian Logic for Business Growth with Jo-Anne Bloch

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How can you apply the Kardashians’ strategies to help catapult your own brand and business?

In this episode, Jo-Anne Bloch and I discuss the Kardashians as a relevant example for business success and how they have reinvented the concept of partnerships and collaboration to grow their brand and build an empire.

A few exciting highlights include:

  • How joining forces with others can expand your business and industry visibility
  • Applying elements of other business models that match your personality, brand, and values
  • Using what people relate to in order to tell a story
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jo-anne-blochJo-Anne Bloch (@Jo_AnneBloch) is a partner and team leader with the Innovation Hub of Mercer. She is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments, working collaboratively with clients to transform strategy into practical actions that drive results. Change, challenge, and a dynamic work environment are key to what keeps her engaged and enthusiastic.

Jo-Anne has been lucky to have had the opportunity to incorporate all three of these areas into her working career across very broad and diverse spheres, from politics through to financial services, with a combination of both in between. Having a strong and vibrant network around the globe, and the fact that she has worked with so many wonderful people along the way really keeps things interesting for her.


Mercer (@MercerAu) is a global consulting leader in investments, superannuation, advice, and talent. This company makes a difference in the lives of more than 110 million people every day by advancing their health, wealth, and careers by creating more secure and rewarding futures for their clients and their employees, whether they’re designing affordable health plans, assuring income for retirement, or aligning workers with workforce needs.

The Innovation Hub at Mercer works to leverage the change that is underway in the world of work to develop new products and services, collaborating with clients to ensure they’re solving the critical problems that they’re confronting. What this company strives to do is always anticipate what’s going to happen next, what they need to do to be ahead of the game, and how they can bring great, innovative solutions to their clients.

Great Quotes:

  • “There are no rules around who you partner with to get what you need.” – Jo-Anne Bloch
  • “You have to fail. And there’s no point in packing up and going home, you just move on. Keep going.” – Jo-Anne Bloch
  • “Use what people relate to to tell the story.” – Jo-Anne Bloch

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