Artful Email Insights from Marcus Meurer [Book Influencer Mini-Series]

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How can you improve your emails to better serve your community?

In this episode, Marcus Meurer shares some great advice about crafting engaging emails that really speak to your community and help grow your business and podcast. In addition, he explains how to drive people back to your other assets because of the value that you provide to them.

A few exciting highlights include:

  • I hit the Amazon Best-Seller for my Copywriting for Podcasters book!
  • What helps makes a great email to your community
  • A huge list of resources for digital nomads
  • How to organize your email content so that it’s clear and engaging
  • Tips on encouraging people to listen to and share your podcast
  • How to give others value that they can easily apply


marcus-meurerMarcus Meurer is a digital nomad, entrepreneur, host of the Life Hacks Podcast, and founder of DNX. While working in a corporate career in his twenties, he started to feel increasingly constrained and trapped working for someone else’s dream. After quitting his job and experiencing a six-month trip through Southeast Asia, freedom and creativity came back to Marcus and inspired him to start his own company.

Marcus loves to travel the world and believes that the world becomes a better place when people start to go on the road and meet different people with different cultures. His personal interests include shaping the future, traveling, kitesurfing, CrossFit, reading, and meaningful discussions.

Marcus’ way of living has brought vibrancy, abundance, and fulfillment to his life, and he would like to share his positive experiences with others. This is why he founded the DNX – Digital Nomads Conference, and strives to enable 1,000,000 people to break free from the conventional system and unfold their real potential.


DNX Global (@dnxglobal) is a company that connects and supports digital nomads and online entrepreneurs through events and online platforms. Their vision is that more and more people live their life free and self-determined, connect with like-minded people, and share their knowledge while growing their businesses.

DNX helps people get the ownership of their lives back, enabling them to work from anywhere and regain the power to decide on their jobs, time, and lives.

DNX knows how important it is to meet with like-minded, positive, and productive people on the road. This is why they started to organize DNX Camps, where you can expand your network, grow your business, and have lots of fun in the process. DNX Camps are co-working, co-living retreats for digital nomads, taking place around the globe all year round.marcus-meurer-and-felicia-hargarten-on-stage-dnx-conference

Great Quotes:

  • “It’s about the value that we can give to our community and what we can give back.” – Marcus Meurer
  • “Be willing to adapt and change, especially to what people are looking for.” – Marcus Meurer
  • “It’s all about giving, giving, giving. To give ten times more than you take.” – Marcus Meurer

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