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In this episode, I talk with Jaime Slutzky, team leader of the company Virtual Summit Tech. This company is centered around helping clients run their own virtual summit, which can be described as “a series of webinars on steroids.”

These virtual summits are quickly growing in popularity, but are also very intense in comparison to releasing a podcast, webinar, etc. They are an amazing way of getting your name out there as an expert while holding great value in how you can choose to monetize and repurpose them into other products in the future.

A Few Exciting Highlights:

  • How virtual summits can grow your email list and expand your impact
  • How to sell your video content as a package, bundle packages, or membership options
  • Copywriting advice
  • Tips from the technology side of virtual summits
  • The minimum requirements for getting started on your own
  • Selling platforms and payment processing
  • Course delivery platforms
  • Why a well-produced summit is so important
  • How to get people to participate applying Psychology


Jaime Slutzky (@SimplyJaime) has had an interest in Computer Science since she was just a little girl and has been building websites since 2010. Her life-long passion in this field, as well as her interest for business and understanding people, has led her to create a business for herself.

She works with clients on creating the online segment of their business, helping to craft their content and message, integrates email marketing and autoresponders, helps determine social media channels and the content that belongs on them, and runs webinars and virtual summits.

Jaime enjoys the whole technology production and the element of putting it all together. After spending over a decade in corporate IT, she has taken her techie skills and transitioned them and her knowledge of business into her own personal business of helping others shine online.


Virtual Summit Tech is a team that will take care of all the tech details so that your virtual summit runs smoothly.  A successful virtual summit can leverage your business to new heights. Virtual Summit Tech’s mission is to provide a high quality, tech-glitch free summit experience for your attendees, and to provide you with the comfort to truly be present at your virtual event.


“Whenever I get copy from a client, I read it as if I’m that person that randomly got sent a link from their great aunt that said, ‘Hey, you should check this out.’ They have no context for why they’re clicking on this link, so if they can get engaged in the content and what you’re offering, and you make them feel something, then you’re a winner.”

“Some tend to assume too much when sending their copy. Don’t assume, go from the context of assumption, that this person knows nothing about you, nothing about your character, nothing about your business, and you want to speak to them at a professional level and in a way to engage them.”

“If you’re really good at something in your job, think about how you can transition that into something freelance/independent.”

“Summits are the new webinar, but a lot more work. You can’t just throw it together in a weekend.”

“Don’t give stuff away just because you’re learning.”

“Never forget that it all started with a mouse.” – Walt Disney

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