034 – New Conversations & Meeting Your Mission with Sue Rebar of Welcome Home Troops

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In this episode, I chat with Sue Rebar from Welcome Home Troops about starting a non-profit, what it means to have new conversations, why it’s important to meet your mission, and the biggest challenges returning military vets face.

  • What Sue is doing with Welcome Home Troops [2:32]
  • How Sue got the inspiration to start Welcome Home Troops [3:18]
  • What Welcome Home Troops does to help “bring the troops home” [5:04]
  • Her approach to landing event partners [7:50]
  • How you can help Welcome Home Troops [9:00]
  • Her advice for starting a non-profit [12:00]

1. Text NETWORK to 44222 to get weekly, short, actionable copy tips!

2. Text SALUTE to 50555 to support Welcome Home Troops or click here (mobile only)

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Sue Rebar (@sue_wht) is the Founder and Executive Director of Welcome Home Troops (@welcometroops), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping bring home the hearts and minds of U.S. veterans through one-in-a-lifetime, shared experiences.


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