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In this episode, I chat with Akbar Jaffer about the crossover between tech and art, the five W’s to creating great content, and how to approach paid advertising.

  • How Akbar introduces himself at a networking event [3:24]
  • His background and how he started his career [6:40]
  • The origin of his philosophy around leadership [15:12]
  • How he uses content calendars for his blog [18:32]
  • The 5 W’s to create great blog content [25:33]
  • His top advice for paid advertising [28:40]

A photo from IMPACT16 just after Melissa Sue Tucker and I met Akbar. A few weeks before we recorded this podcast over Skype.

Akbar Jaffer (@akbarjaffer1) is an Enterprise Software Product Marketing and Marketing Technology Executive who helps companies grow their business through marketing and revenue engineering.

He brings a unique perspective to marketing technology products with over 15 years experience designing, developing, marketing, and selling software products and services.

Akbar also authors Point of Intersection, a blog about where technology and humanities meet.


Bonus Audio!

After we “wrapped” the interview and before we recorded some bonus questions (release TBD!), Akbar shared with me his #1 most recommended book, especially for technology marketers. Check out this bonus audio below! [Length: 1:38]

Book found here: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

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