Writing Tips from Transcription Pro, Jennifer Peterson

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In this episode, I sit down with Jennifer Peterson to talk about her advice for Podcasters, Writers, and Entrepreneurs who need to write (a.k.a. all of us! :)).

We also discuss:

  • How Jennifer introduces herself at events [4:08]
  • Her experience with voice acting [4:34]
  • How Jennifer got involved in writing and transcription [6:27]
  • Jennifer’s top tips to writing better copy and content [16:06]
  • Jennifer’s best advice for people interested in becoming transcribers [23:00]

Send an email to one.of.jennifer@gmail.com and mention Copy That Pops podcast for the “Friends & Family” discount.

Jennifer Peterson is the founder of Peterson Transcription & Editing Services, LLC, a transcription and editing service for podcasters, executives, and small businesses. She is passionate about words and the power they hold in helping use move forward.

“I’m not 100% perfect either, nobody is, but I think it’s that extra set of eyes that counts.” – Jennifer Peterson

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