020 – Landing Pages, Subscription Boxes, and Serial Entrepreneurism – Oh My! with Heidi Koffman

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In this episode, I sit down with Heidi Koffman to talk about her company The Hippie Hobby, lead generation, and marketing automation.

  • How she introduces herself at a networking event [2:17]
  • Her background and her reason for becoming a flight attendant [3:02]
  • How she started The Hippie Hobby [6:32]
  • heidi koffman, the hippie hobbyHow The Hippie Hobby approaches influencer marketing and lead generation [13:35]
  • Her approach to automation with The Hippie Hobby [22:58]
  • Why she loves Infusionsoft [32:13]
  • How a Lead Magnet tripled one of her businesses [36:53]

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Heidi Koffman is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in building and maintaining professional relationships. She owns several small businesses and utilizes aggressive growth strategies in the digital marketing world to help other businesses succeed.

the hippie hobbyCompany:
The Hippie Hobby (@TheHippieHobby) is a DIY subscription craft box delivered to your doorstep every other month. Born from a love of natural items and crafts, Hippie Hobby is combining the best of both worlds to promote health, sustainability, and creativity.

“The key to sales is following up with people.” – Heidi Koffman

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