How to Frame Your Messaging for Ultimate Impact with Mike Broadwell

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In this episode I sit down with Mike Broadwell to talk about authenticity, why breakthroughs matter, and why messaging is more important than a website.

  • How he introduces himself at networking events [1:50]
  • His main motivation to start building his business [8:47]
  • What he’s trying to do with Breakthrough Factory [12:41]
  • How to figure out what your best assets are [17:12]
  • The biggest problem with Facebook groups [18:23]
  • Why you need to be authentic [20:44]
  • The role of frames in our lives [22:52]
  • Why you should chase breakthroughs [24:37]
  • How to get a critique on your messaging [31:10]

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Mike Broadwell (@mikebroadwell) is a digital marketing expert with a focus on helping small businesses master their marketing message by doubling down on their unique personality.

The Breakthrough Factory takes a unique approach to helping you master your marketing message. They personally direct and guide you through each step of the process in the way that’s right for you. On your schedule. At your pace. At a level that matches where you are.

“We can’t be objective about ourselves. That’s just part of being a human being.” – Mike Broadwell

Guest: Mike Broadwell

Company: Breakthrough Factory

Host: Laura Petersen
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