On-location in Greece with Digital Nomad Movement Leader and Fellow Podcaster, Marcus Meurer

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In this special on-location episode, we talk all about being a digital nomad and I sit down with Marcus Meurer to get his insider experience as one of the leaders of the growing Digital Nomad Movement. All from a small island in Greece!

  • marcus meurer dnx camp founder and digital nomadWhat DNX is and what he is trying to do for entrepreneurs [3:30]
  • Where he is originally from [3:57]
  • His first job in the marketing field [4:55]
  • How he got involved in a startup that was acquired by Google [6:58]
  • What inspired him to become an entrepreneur [10:15]
  • The origin story behind DNX [15:10]
  • What DNX stands for [22:30]
  • How to build a community and audience in a new space [27:39]
  • His favorite “life hackz” for entrepreneurs [35:20]
  • His personal morning routine [36:00]

Here’s a big group picture from the DNX Camp group in Lemnos, Greece June 16-25, 2016 where we met and recorded the interview:

dnx lemnos greece camp group photo marcus meurer

And here is the “luxury tent” I mention in the podcast! 🙂luxury tent where we slept lemnos greece digital nomad camp

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marcus meurer dnx camp founder traveling digital nomadMarcus Meurer is an Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad at heart.

He spends his time creating awesome stuff as an entrepreneur, traveling the world, making money, working out at the beach, and practicing martial arts. He is the founder of DNX Camp and the host of the ‘Life Hackz’ podcast.


marcus meurer and felicia hargarten on stage dnx conferenceDNX (@dnxglobal) was founded by Marcus and his long-time girlfriend and fellow digital nomad Feli Hargarten.

It connects & supports digital nomads and online entrepreneurs through events and online platforms. Their vision is that more and more people live their life free and self-determined, connect with like-minded people, share their knowledge, and grow their businesses.

Fun Facts:
Marcus and Feli became self-employed in 2012 to travel the world. Since then they live and work completely location independent as Digital Nomads. In the beginning of 2014, they organized the first DNX event and continued to grow and internationalize the DNX projects.

  • DNX – Digital Nomad Conference wanders around the world
  • DNX CAMPS – coliving and coworking for Digital Nomads take place in the most beautiful spots in the world like the tropical islands of Ko Lanta, Thailand and Bali. [Coming up: Lisbon, Tarifa, Santa Cruz, Mexico, and Brazil.]

Guest: Marcus Meurer
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