014 – What Gets Read & What Matters with Lee Caraher

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In this episode I sit down with Lee Caraher to talk about her career path towards PR, why every word you use should be considered thoughtfully, and why you shouldn’t let manners get in the way.

  • lee caraher headshot double forteWhy doubt in your words kills the confidence others have in you
  • Why being “messy” in your exploratory phase is a good thing
  • How etiquette gets in the way of progress
  • How to help your team prioritize email
  • Why she always seeks feedback

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lee caraher headshotLee Caraher (@leecaraher) is a CEO, author, and acclaimed communication strategist known for her practical solutions to big problems. She started Double Forte as a new kind of communications firm designed to work with good people, doing good work for good companies doing great things in their categories.

Double Forte (@doublefortepr) is a PR & Digital Marketing Services Firm that focuses on a holistic approach to integrated communications in order to generate and simplify exchanges between people and the brands they value. They offer a different point of view that unites the most appropriate programming and dynamic execution to help their clients architect and share their stories in a more compelling way.


  • “Don’t let your manners get in the way.” – Lee Caraher
  • “If you can write, you probably have done some good thinking!” – Lee Caraher
  • “Nobody’s work can’t be improved.” – Lee Caraher

Guest: Lee Caraher
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Company: Double Forte
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Host: Laura Petersen
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