012 – How to Set Yourself Apart with Stories with Christoph Trappe

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In this episode I sit down with Christoph Trappe to talk about authentic storytelling in business, why perfect shouldn’t be the goal, and why the participation age isn’t quite here yet.

  • christophChristoph’s background as a reporter and how he transitioned into entrepreneurship
  • Why you need to have a differentiator in your business
  • The number one “trick” to having a break through
  • Why correcting your mistakes can be just as valuable as making it perfect
  • His views on sharing “too much” with your audience

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Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe) is the Director of Content Marketing + Content Creation at MedTouch, the Midwest Chairman of the Internet Marketing Association, and in 2015 he was named the Internet Marketing Association’s marketer of the year and one of the top 100 influential marketers by Content Marketing World. He is a speaker, published author, and the founder of AuthenticStorytelling.net.

Guest Company:
AuthenticStorytelling.net shares information, content, and advice to help businesses and people get their messages heard in an increasingly busy world. Authentic Storytelling is about sharing content that people make time for – even when they are busy.

“Constantly selling without offering any additional value is not a long-term strategy.” – Christoph Trappe

Guest: Christoph Trappe
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Host: Laura Petersen
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