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006: Podcast Therapy & Instagram Hacks with Melissa Sue Tucker of OCW Productions

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In this episode I sit down with Melissa Sue Tucker from OCW Productions to talk about podcasting, emotional healing, and why you need to treat social media as a “social” environment.

  • Why her introduction usually sparks a long conversation.
  • The path that lead her to starting a production company and launching two podcasts.
  • Why you should use social media as a “social” tool.
  • How to use post notifications on Instagram to explode your followers.
  • Why posting hashtags on Instagram immediately is important.

Guest: instagram
Melissa Sue Tucker (@melissastucker) is the host of 60 Seconds of Solitude, the Addiction Support Podcast, and the founder of OCW Productions.

OCW Productions is a virtual wellness destination with a strong focus on emotional wellness.

“Treat your social media like it’s social. You really have to interact with people.” – Melissa Sue Tucker

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Guest: Melissa Sue Tucker
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