005: Traditional Media Is Not Dead & Why You Should Care with Lindsey Germono

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In this episode I sit down with Lindsey Germono to talk about entrepreneurship, the differences between traditional media and digital media, why traditional media is not dead, and why it’s important to understand your campaigns even if you are outsourcing them.

Okay, we talk about dogs a bit too. 😉

  • How Lindsey’s interest in the business world turned into a love for entrepreneurship.
  • How Lindsey approaches media buying and traditional advertising.
  • Why traditional advertising isn’t dead.
  • How TV and radio ads are different from other mediums.
  • Why she focuses on teaching her clients rather than just serving them.
  • Who Athena (‘co-worker’ pictured to the right) is and her role in the company.

dog athena

Lindsey Germono (@germonoads), President of Germono Advertising Company, is a Hampton Roads local who has worked with companies of all sizes to create effective media campaigns. She is a speaker, marketing coach, media buyer, and marketing ninja!

Germono Advertising Company’s goal is to simplify advertising and marketing for business owners. They specialize in media planning, purchasing, and management for businesses in Hampton Roads, VA and beyond.

“I want to give my clients everything they need to be able to manage their campaigns on their own.” – Lindsey Germono

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Guest: Lindsey Germono

Company: Germono Advertising Company

Host: Laura Petersen
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