004: From $54 Million Dollar Product Launches to Starting Your Own “IT” Brand with Minling Chuang

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Minling Chuang from Brand Fame School joins us to talk about her role in a $54 million dollar product launch, her views on entrepreneurship and branding, and why you need to find the “white space” in your industry.

  • minling chuang winning award for product of the yearHow Minling helped develop a $54 million dollar product launch in just 9 months.
  • Why putting a new Lean Cuisine product on a plate helped change what consumers thought.
  • How a trip to Nepal helped her transition from corporate life to being an entrepreneur.
  • How and why she created Brand Fame School.
  • How to find your “white space” in an industry.

minling chuang headshotGuest:
Minling Chuang (@MinlingChuang) is a Brand Strategist and Coach who helps female entrepreneurs and their brands stand out online. With a background in multi-million dollar product launches for Lean Cuisine and Nestle Tollhouse, Minling left the corporate world to start her own business and thriving coaching practice.

Guest Company:
Brand Fame School helps entrepreneurs escape the trap of a “bland” brand and create something that can truly stand out in the marketplace.

“Evolving is what keeps you relevant.” – Minling Chuang

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Guest: Minling Chuang

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