003: Future Pacing – The Simple & Subtle Trick to Get Your Prospect On the Path to “Yes”

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In this episode, I talk about future pacing and we dive into why selling the “benefits” of your product is so much more effective than selling the “features.”

  • What my real estate agent taught me about writing better copy.
  • Why helping your audience visualize their future with your product can improve conversions.
  • What future pacing can do for your business.
  • How to use future pacing in your headlines and landing pages.
  • How my business coach used future pacing to get me to work with her.

Future Pacing Worksheet
Future Pacing Practice Worksheet – Get Your Visitors Visualizing Happy Results With You

Links to Things Mentioned in This Episode:

“Good salespeople know that you need to show your customers the benefits of buying.” – Laura Petersen

Host: Laura Petersen
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