002: How Shaunta Grimes Went from 0 to 1700 Engaged Subscribers and Earn Enough to Quit Her Job in Just 2 Months

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In this episode, I sit down with Shaunta Grimes to talk about how she went from a brand new blog to 1700 subscribers and a full time income in just 2 months. We talk about everything from how she started her first blog to the creative approach she takes

  • Shaunta’s background and how she developed her passion for writing.
  • How Shaunta used NaNoWriMo to write her first full length novel in 2004.
  • Why Shaunta started a blog.
  • Why her first lead magnet failed and how she used it to launch her second.
  • How she used a free class to launch her first paid product.
  • The #1 traffic source she’s used to build her business rapidly.
  • Why it’s important to understand what your audience wants.

shaunta grimesShaunta Grimes (@ShauntaGrimes) is a published author of two novels: Viral Nation and Rebel Nation. Despite her works being published by Penguin Random House Group a few years ago, she still needed to make ends meet with a full-time teaching assistant job.

Just two months ago (early March 2016) she decided to start a new blog and start list building. In two months she went from 0 to 1700 engaged subscribers to her Ninja Writers email list and is already making enough income to quit her job and follow her passion training others how to write.

“If someone has a story to tell and the skills to tell it they can change the world.” – Shaunta Grimes

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