001: 3 Seconds is All You Get – The Psychology of Why Landing Page Optimization Matters

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In this episode, I introduce you to the Confirmation Bias, dive deep into the one thing we all do within 3 seconds of being introduced to something new, and what this all has to do with the effectiveness of your landing pages.

  • The history of why humans make gut-level decisions quickly.
  • Why we only look for information that reinforces what we already believe.
  • What a presidential campaign can teach you about Confirmation Bias.
  • Why your homepage shouldn’t be the main page you send visitors to.
  • Why it’s important to have great landing pages.

Links to Things Mentioned in This Episode:
Entrepreneur Article discussing the research findings of Missouri University of Science and Technology
Harvard Business Review Article on Evolutionary Psychology
Confirmation Bias Explained

“You have 3 seconds to form a first impression, that’s it.” – Laura Petersen

Host: Laura Petersen

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