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060: From Bullied to Inspirational with Bhomik Saini

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From getting bullied, to professional tennis, to working to start a movement, Bhomik Saini shares his story from India to Iowa and beyond, and how mindset is so important to success in any stage of life or pursuit.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Where am I recording this episode from? You’ll never guess!
– I am holding a seminar on repurposing content for podcasting. (On international waters!)
– Guest today is coming to us from Ames, Iowa.
– Where does Bhomik dream of living?
– Why did Bhomik want to visit Iowa?
– Bhomik’s professional lawn tennis playing background!
– Plans to start a textiles company in New York
– Doing something out of his comfort zone! Writing a book.
– Why Bhomik started getting bullied in school and how he turned it into a win.
– How Bhomik rose to becoming a great player but lost friends.
– How an injury got him back on track with a real purpose.
– Why to stop complaining.
– An unexpected food analysis.
– Bhomik’s plans to start a movement.

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bhomik saini headshotGuest:

Bhomik Saini is a student at Iowa State University I met in Brandon T. Adams’ first accelerator. He is the Founder of Fighting the Odds and budding entrepreneur interested in textiles.

Great Quotes:

  • “Bed sheets are textiles, shirts are garments.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “I want to do something out of my comfort zone, just to prove that I’m creative.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “I got bullied in my high school. That’s how I ended up becoming a pro tennis player.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “If you want to do something in this country, you can. You just need a will to do it.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “Stop complaining. And work hard on yourself.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “If I can help even 5,000 people, I’ll be so happy.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “Life is too short to not help anyone.” – Bhomik Saini
  • “To change this world, you need to change yourself first.” – Bhomik Saini

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