070: Sex, Facebook Messenger, and Rock & Roll with Ian Smith

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This interview is with a true expert in many industries including digital marketing! Ian Smith shares knowledge and experience all about leveraging a new tool to grow your business that is getting significant engagement and offers big opportunity to early adopters.

Oh, and we talk about Korean Pop music, how marketing is like dating, and there may even be mentions of Justin Bieber, Warner Brothers, and Donald Trump! Listen to find out more…

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Remember episode 068?! Here it is if you want to get a quick refresher! CopyThatPops.com/068
  • Find out Ian’s connection to Korean Pop Music! (Is he fluent in Korean?)
  • Check out Ian’s website – IanSmith.co
  • Quantum Media – a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency with Kevin Harrington, an original shark from Shark Tank
  • DigitalMarketer.com
  • Click Funnels
  • How is marketing like a relationship (warning: ‘sex’ is involved in this metaphor)
  • Messenger Marketing – Ian discusses great techniques for you and your business!
  • Evolve Products on Facebook

Take Action Now!

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  2. Learn more about Messenger Marketing
    1. Great overview details and video here: IanSmith.co/mm
    2. See how to make a post that looks like an ad: IanSmith.co/page-post
    3. Message Ian’s page to see what it looks like in action: Facebook.com/1IanSmith

Great Quotes:

  • “I’m expanding my knowledge the whole time because I’m learning new things; learning messaging and how you need to write your copy.” – Ian Smith
  • “Just because now you have them as a customer, you don’t just push them aside. Now is when you really start having fun with your customer.”- Ian Smith
  • “You need to go through those motions when your building that trust, building that rapport.”- Ian Smith
  • “In our first year we’ll probably do about 4 million dollars in sales.” – Ian Smith
  • “We basically did 3 million dollars in 90 days in sales.” – Ian Smith
  • “You’re only one funnel or one venture away from going from 0 to 100.” – Ian Smith
  • “One little product, one little relationship can significantly, it’s like an elevator, from the ground floor can take you to the 10th” – Ian Smith
  • “Facebook is putting a big initiative into their messaging platform.” – Ian Smith
  • “Anywhere from 75% to 99% open rate is what I’ve seen with some of these messages.” – Ian Smith
  • “I’m helping a lot of businesses in this transition to get the automation for their messenger installed.” – Ian Smith
  • “Definitely keep the messages brief. You are hitting them in their inbox so you want to keep it brief and casual.” – Ian Smith
  • “They really are building this audience of people that like a certain topic or product.” – Ian Smith
  • “As I grow this community of people then I’ll start to really introduce products that they can literally buy.” – Ian Smith
  • “I’m a big firm believer of putting free value, free content out there for people to learn.” – Ian Smith

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Guest: Ian Smith

Ian Smith is an incredibly experienced digital marketer and self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” who is also an expert in Facebook ads and Facebook messenger marketing.

Using his experience from several different industries, Ian has partnered up with many big names in online business and marketing. He has been able to connect with major power players in business and digital marketing, while generating millions for his businesses and his clients’ businesses.

Host: Laura Petersen
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