086: 7 Effective Ways to Apply 2 Psychological Principles to Your Copy and Business

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Picture this – a halo and a bandwagon. I bet you’re wondering “What does this have to do with my copy?”

Check out this week’s quick tip and find out how!

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Halo Effect
  • Bandwagon or FOMO Effect

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Tips and Examples for your copy and business!

  1. Halo Effect
  • We tend to form impressions in one area that influence our opinions in other areas
  • Example: good-looking people are perceived as more intelligent, successful, or popular
  • Example: well-behaved student is judged by the teacher to be bright, capable, and diligent
  1. Bandwagon Effect (Herd Mentality) or Fear of Missing Out FOMO
  • Back in the cave man days, you didn’t have time to collect all the facts and think long and hard about whether something was a unique opportunity or dangerous threat ….we are programmed to act quickly and look to others for information
  • Crowds signify what you *should* do and we don’t want to miss out.

    Example: TV shows play canned laughter or recorded applause to make the plot or jokes seem more funny. They want you to laugh along with them too.

    Example: Nightclubs limit entry and make people wait in a line outside with a red rope. The visual of others waiting to get in increases the perception of how popular the place is. It helps entice others passing by to check out the club too.

7 Ways to Apply These Two Psychological Principles in Your Copy & Business

  1. Get endorsed by an influencer in your niche or well-known celebrity
  2. Referrals from a friend are so powerful
  3. “Join 5,000 other successful entrepreneurs leveraging the helpful tips in this weekly newsletter.”
  4. Show photos of people having fun using your product
  5. Use testimonials – Ask customers to write reviews (especially if they can tell a specific story about the transformation they received from it)
  6. Sprinkle in case study examples
  7. Take applications and a waitlist for high-ticket items. Make it feel more exclusive to get in.

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