066: Psychology of Page Optimization with Chris Dayley

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Have you ever wondered what prompts people to click? Are you struggling to get conversions? You need solid page optimization.

Don’t miss this incredible discussion on the psychology of marketing and how you can increase your web traffic and increase those conversions!

Look! Chris and I ran into each other at a networking event in San Diego after Social Media Marketing World.

What a coincidence! –>

A few exciting highlights include:

– I ramble a bit about veganism…to skip that, jump to about [3:00] – Find out about A/B testing and conversions. How can it help you and your business?!
– Any ideas on how to still enjoy coffee while being vegan? Creamer substitutes are welcomed!
– Hawthorne Effect – Do you behave differently when you know you are being observed?
– Where are 90-95% of purchase decisions actually occurring?
– Major trend of rotating banner on websites and its effectiveness (or not!)
– The psychology of color
– The “10 Feet” Rule and how to use it to make your website convert better
– Headlines and buttons on a page layout and how to use them! [They are some of the most important things to test on a page] – Quick copy test you can do.
– Find out how you can learn more about your audience!

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Page Optimization Guest:

Chris is a digital entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses succeed online. After spending years driving traffic through SEO and PPC efforts, Chris turned his attention to the user experience of websites to see if he could influence traffic to convert better.

After running his first successful test, he fell in love and began focusing on helping businesses test their website experience.
Chris started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion in 2014, which he later merged with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization.


Disruptive Advertising (@disruptiveads) helps businesses maximize online profit and win online with pay-per-click campaigns, data analytics and website testing (conversion optimization).

Great Quotes:

  • “I had no idea this space even existed.” – Chris Dayley
  • “It was kind of an accident that I found something I really loved.” – Chris Dayley
  • “When I got into a job where it was useful and meaningful to me, I fell in love.” – Chris Dayley
  • “Especially when they are online, people don’t want to think.” – Chris Dayley
  • “It’s all about finding something you are really passionate about and going after it.” – Chris Dayley
  • “Headlines are one of the three most important things on a page.” – Chris Dayley
  • “It’s important to be descriptive, to the point and customize the button so people know what they are getting.” – Chris Dayley
  • “The more engaged people are, the more likely they are to click on that button.” – Chris Dayley
  • “The more you know about Psychology, the more you’re able to draw meaning from your tests.” – Chris Dayley

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