100: How to Write Copy That Pops in Google with SEO Expert Andy Steven

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Free training from a true SEO expert? Umm, yes please! Get ready to take lots of notes with this week’s interview with one of the founders of High Voltage SEO!

A few exciting highlights include:
– We made it to Episode 100! Thank you to all you listeners!
– A Big Ask: Please leave a review so I can give you more of the content you love! Tell me specifically one thing you like and I’ll do more of it!
– Find out how and where Andy and I met…three guesses, go!
– What makes good SEO copywriting?
– Learn how to do great keyword research
– Does how you structure your page matter for SEO?
– What’s the “rough and dirty” approach?? *raises eyebrow*
– What’s the scientific approach?
– Why does Andy say, “Title Tags – no click – no traffic!”?

Check out the video interview all about SEO!

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SEO Expert Guest:

search engine optimization expert andy steven of high voltage seoPreviously overseeing one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing teams, Andrew brings over a decade of online marketing experience to his role at High Voltage SEO. It’s his job to discover your SEO opportunity, work with you to ensure it meets your business goals and deliver you outstanding results over the course of your campaign.

As well as managing teams, Andrew has significant hands on SEO experience as well as display advertising, Google Analytics, ROI tracking, UI optimization and is Adwords qualified. He holds a Bachelor in Advertising & Communications and a Grad Cert in Business Administration.

Great Quotes:

  • “We manage to operate virtually 24-7.” – Andy Steven
  • “We just do SEO all day every day because we love it.” – Andy Steven
  • “Keyword research is a super important part.” – Andy Steven
  • “Each page that you’re trying to rank in Google typically needs to be about one thing.” – Andy Steven
  • “You want to put more effort into testing various page titles for the best results over time.” – Andy Steven
  • “Keeping the content fresh is important.” – Andy Steven
  • “Google likes fresh content; people like fresh content.” – Andy Steven

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