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In this episode, I talk with Jennifer Faulkner, Founder of Word Symmetry. Her company helps brands to uncover their story and engage with clients through persuasive storytelling.

Effective copy is a key foundational piece to your business, and it’s essential if you want to maintain a true and engaging connection with your audience. Jennifer specializes in achieving symmetry between her client’s brand message and their personality.

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Tips you can apply right away to improve your writing and connection with your brand
  • How to transfer your personality to writing and deliver style into your copy
  • Steps you can take to improve on your own if hiring a professional copywriter isn’t in your current budget
  • The importance of selecting the right networking groups for organic growth and connection
  • Quick tips on Facebook ads and improving click rates
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Guest:jennifer-faulker word symmetry on the podcast today

Jennifer Faulkner is located in a beach-side town on the Mornington Peninsula of Australia. She’s an advocate for the natural environment, an accomplished Melbourne-based health and wellness writer, and has a passion for travel, stand-up paddleboarding, and good stories.

She is the Founder of Word Symmetry, where it’s her job to make other people look good through styling their words and creating content for their digital assets. But, English was not always her strong suit.

Actually, throughout high school, Jennifer hated English and found herself to be a daydreamer with a naturally creative mind. She then took a right turn pursuing studies and earning a degree in Law. Jennifer’s writing abilities were really strengthened during this time, and because she worked with a variety of senior professionals who each had their own preferred style, she developed the ability to take on that personality style and deliver the work in a way that suited them.

After time spent feeling like she was losing touch with her creative side, Jennifer took some time off to really cultivate what was meaningful to her and what she wanted to do. This is what led her to begin her business in writing and professional communications.


Word Symmetry is a company specializing in helping thought leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs around the world achieve symmetry between their brand, message, and personality. Jennifer Faulkner, Word Stylist and Founder of Word Symmetry, concentrates on helping individuals deliver their brand message in a way that also engages their personality so that what she writes tunes into the nuances of their particular and individual conversation style.

Writing copy is one of the leading causes of procrastination for most entrepreneurs because it’s time-consuming, and that’s where Word Symmetry can help. After assessing what drives your business and who your audience is, you will then get to choose from a variety of product bundles to best fit your needs and budget. Ranging from a simple ad or website copy, to a package that will take care of all of your copy needs for the next twelve months, Jennifer is here to help make your business more profitable and enjoyable.


“When you get in touch with your zone of genius–the passion that drives you to do what you do–that’s when the gold comes out. Work with someone who can capture the little things that so often get lost in conversation and put those words in your writing.”

“It’s really important to just be yourself, particularly when you’re starting out in business. We get stuck comparing what others are doing and how they’re doing it, and the negative voices can come in and self-doubt comes in, but what we forget is, no one can deliver our message in that way that we can”

“I liken it to trying on a pair of jeans. It takes a few goes before you get the perfect fit.”

“Failure is a part of growth and a part of learning. I don’t know one person that hasn’t failed at something at some point. It’s completely normal.”

“Just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should.” – one of Jennifer’s favorite mottos

“There’s so much abundance out there. There’s an audience waiting to hear your message, there’s an audience waiting to hear what only you have to offer, so just do it. Do it in a way that feels natural, feels true to you, and the rest will follow. There’s enough room for everyone here, so forward on your path and don’t compare yourself to others because no one knows how to do you better than you.”

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