Care About People, Earn Money, Delegate the Rest – Tips from a VA with Tonya Darlington

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Tonya Darlington is a high-level VA who has worked with CEOs of large organizations, small business owners, and everyone in between. In this episode, she shares her top tips for working with VA’s, why your copy and your words are so important, and the big mistakes she sees around analytics.

  • LkCJgli0How she introduces herself to new people [2:16]
  • Her idea to use social media to get a free car [5:32]
  • Her background before becoming a VA [6:35]
  • How having experience in all areas of a business helps differentiate her [7:12]
  • Her thoughts on authenticity [8:38]
  • Why what you say matters [9:32]
  • How to communicate in a way that shows you care [9:58]
  • Why it’s important to understand your analytics [14:25]
  • Her favorite tools for tracking analytics [18:30]
  • The top things she believes you need to focus on in your business [20:15]
  • Why she thinks business owners should focus 80% of their time on business development [21:28]
  • How Laura and Tonya connected with each other [23:20]
  • Her favorite Facebook groups [24:55]
  • Her thoughts on hiring VA’s around the world [26:20]
  • Her advice to business owners looking for extra support [28:39]

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Tonya Darlington (@tonyadarlington) is a high-level Virtual Assistant who has worked with CEO’s of large organizations, small business owners, and everyone in between. She loves helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality and considers herself a business partner for her clients.

“It’s about the copy but it’s also about delivering on your promise.” – Tonya Darlington

Guest: Tonya Darlington
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