009: Generating Clients for Life with Charlotte Greenman

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In this episode I sit down with Charlotte Greenman from Accredited Marketing to talk about her approach to sales, her lead generation philosophy, and why “the way it’s always been done” doesn’t work anymore.

  • charlotte greenman podcast guestLead generation and how to create clients for life.
  • How we can all do a better job of generating leads.
  • How she discovered her love of working with people.
  • Why “the way things are done” doesn’t work anymore.
  • Why networking and relationships are the new requirement for sales.

Charlotte Greenman is a lead generation and client creation specialist who focuses on attracting and landing loyal clients for life who don’t buy on price and willingly offer referrals. She has worked in Lead Generation, Telemarketing, and Client Creation for over 20 years and helps individuals and teams grow their businesses.

Accredited Marketing provides lead generation, client creation, and telemarketing training, coaching, and consultancy services for B2B organizations who are looking to increase and develop their sales and client base.

“The more you attract your ideal prospect, the less you have to ‘sell’ to them; making closing the sale quick, easy and non-salesy!” – Charlotte Greenman

Guest: Charlotte Greenman

Host: Laura Petersen
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