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In this episode, I sit down with Shayna Oliveira from Espresso English to talk about her love for Capoeira, why she started Espresso English, and what she learned from a failed product launch.

  • How Shayna introduces herself [2:45]
  • Why she originally went to Brazil [3:45]
  • How Shayne got involved with speaking English [5:10]
  • Why she started Espresso English [5:48]
  • How her first product launch failed and what she learned from it [9:45]
  • Her biggest challenge with writing sales pages [18:42]
  • Why getting a second pair of eyes is important [19:42]

Shayna Oliveira (@entrepinmotion) is the founder of Espresso English, the host of Entrepreneurs in Motion, and an avid lover of Capoeira.

Espresso English (@espressoenglish) is a leading destination for learning English online. Lessons are delivered via Email and students can study and learn on their own schedule.

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Guest: Shayna Oliveira

Company: Espresso English
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