093: 4 Questions You Must Ask to Write a Big Money Best-Selling Book with Trevor Crane

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High energy, incredible insights, and loads of experience are the ingredients for this week’s interview!

From beginning to end you will not want to miss out on my conversation with a 10-time #1 International Best-Selling Author! Find out how to put business behind your book with Trevor Crane!

A few exciting highlights include:
– Mentors, meeting your mission, and powerful marketing messaging — we cover it all.
– 4 questions you NEED to answer in order to write a successful book
– When is the best time to write your book?
– Learn the first step in successful book marketing!
– How can writing actually help with ADHD and PTSD?
– Find out the SECRET SAUCE behind Trevor’s journey from struggling to write his first book to 10x best-selling author.
– Learn about his 9-time Best-Selling Author daughter!! Yes, she’s just 10!! What’s your excuse again? :-p
– Get ready to take notes on the knowledge dropped in this episode! Plus, Trevor has a generous special offer that involves free copies of books and an in-person event around publishing.

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Guest and Company:

Trevor Crane is a ten time #1 international bestselling author and the founder of Epic Author Publishing. He is the also host of the GreatnessQuest.com podcast and the founder of TheGreatnessNetwork.com. Trevor’s mission is to help people take their LIFE and their BUSINESS to the next level – no matter how successful they already are.

Since 2003, Trevor has been a trusted business adviser, coach, and mentor. He is president of Stepup Strategies, Inc. and, together with his team, they help companies outperform, outsell, and outlast the competition through systemic and strategic consulting, coaching, training, marketing and support. He helps his clients generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in bottom line profits.

Trevor leads mentoring and mastermind programs for service based professionals and entrepreneurs with his wife, Robyn Crane.

Trevor is also a sought after speaker, trainer, and coach. His unique commonsense approach, along with his humor, wit, and infectious energy, allows him to connect with any audience.

Great Quotes:

  • “My biggest challenges were to figure out how to get over myself to publish a book.” – Trevor Crane
  • “The most important thing is finding the right mentor.” – Trevor Crane
  • “Just because someone is good at something, doesn’t mean they are good at teaching someone else how to get it.” – Trevor Crane
  • “A mentor is there not just to show you what to do, but what not to do.” – Trevor Crane
  • “It’s all about the mission of a book.” – Trevor Crane
  • “I want to help people make sure they meet their mission.” – Trevor Crane
  • “We help you master it so what comes out of your mouth makes sense!” – Trevor Crane
  • “If it takes you longer than a sentence to describe your book, then it’s too confusing.”– Trevor Crane
  • “Your best time to write a book is right now.” – Trevor Crane
  • “Your message matters and you should put it in a book.” – Trevor Crane
  • “The first step is marketing.” – Trevor Crane
  • “You can turn your book into your most powerful marketing tool.” – Trevor Crane
  • “I believe there is a business behind your book.” – Trevor Crane

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