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What to Do When You Don’t Get the Attention in Business That You Deserve

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So many podcasting entrepreneurs I speak with struggle with the thought: “What do I do when I don’t get the attention I deserve?” And, to be completely honest, that’s massively how I was feeling in late 2016…but that story for another time!

Let’s dive into solving this question.


So many talented, honest, passionate, and hardworking entrepreneurs just do not get the attention they deserve (media features, joint venture opportunities, invites to speak on stage, real respect in their niche).

I see it all the time. And, trust me, I fellllllt it myself!

But to fix this, most people only have the status-building strategy called ‘Hope & Luck That Someone Will Notice Me’ and therefore don’t get as many listeners, leads, and new opportunities that they are looking for.

The problem is that there is no structure, no system. There’s no process to follow that will deliver the outcomes and results you want and need.



I know that…

…spending time (and a ton of money) handing out business cards to every person you meet…
…giving up hours a week with coffee catch ups…
…creating hundreds of posts all over social media that no one really engages with…
…trying to be ‘seen’ and active on platforms all over the place…
…and hoping to be noticed by a big guru who features you and catapults you to instant fame…

…these just don’t work.

Why not?
– You don’t get enough consistently.
– You get burned out.
– You get discouraged.
– You seem like you are just pushing your stuff down everyone’s throats.
– You spend a lot of time and money with a scattershot approach and not enough results to show for it.



There are 2 main reasons why we don’t get as much attention and, therefore, as many leads, opps, sales, media features, etc. as you want and deserve.

1. We forget the underlying structures of human psychology (and influence)

Humans look to the external world for cues, clues, and shortcuts to make decisions fast. This has always been true, but it’s even harder to ‘stand out’ above the crowd in this fast-paced digital world.

Still, there are tried-and-true indicators of ‘success,’ ‘worthiness,’ and ‘expert status.’

We’ve all seen the silly people laying on stacks of cash in Instagram. That’s not what I mean. And no one you are trying to attract would actually fall for that anyhow!

But, there are other ways, and you are likely doing some already!

1. Social proof in the form of testimonials, case studies, and reviews from other people

2. Photos of you doing cool things (like networking with niche celebs, walking red carpets, working a la laptop near a pool)

3. Articles written by you on your own blog and written by or about you on other blogs or online media sites

4. Traditional media like T.V., newspapers, magazines, and radio (niche, local, national, and international)

5. Videos like Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook lives, YouTube, and virtual summits

6. Speaking on stage for conferences, seminars, and workshops — whether paid or free — is a great way to boost your credibility and get leads

7. Podcasts are one of my favorite. Having your own show and being the guest on lots of other shows slays all day.

8. Books are the best way to tap into instant credibility and help you get more opportunities in all of #1-#7 above too!

All 8 of these are musts! Keep it up!


2. We don’t have a structure to follow, step by step, to establish our credibility and leverage it effectively

Once we understand the psychology of others and building status for influence (and therefore, opportunities!), we can craft a plan. We can enact a strategy.

We can look for the ‘lead domino’ that if completed will make knocking the other dominoes down faster, more effective, and more rewarding.

That lead domino?

I argue, it is the book. There is no better way to share your message and knowledge, raise your credibility, and attract more opportunities than as an Author Expert.

This may not be the case forever. But, it is certainly true now.


Make sure you understand #1 (human Psychology of influence) above and have #2 (a strategy) in place.

Take the “luck and hope” out of it and ensure that your status raises so high that you are able to get all that you want for your podcast, brand, and business.

To get you started, grab a free download of the FREE: Expert Status Growth Formula An 8-Point Checklist to Leverage Psychology to Be Seen As An Expert.

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