Quick Overview of Twitter Analytics (free)

Quick Overview of Twitter Analytics (free)

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Are you on Twitter? Follow me, yo! jk – read this first – more important.

If you are on Twitter, then you have access to free Twitter Analytics. So let’s see how to get there first, then we’ll look at some cool features.

Get Your Twitter Analytics

Step 1: Go to analytics.twitter.com

Step 2: Login with your twitter account (if not already logged in) and click “Get Started” blue button.twitter analytics homepage login

Step 3: Voila!

Here is what I see as soon as I log in as of Tuesday January 12th, 2016.

inside twitter analytics

It’s obvi I haven’t been paying my account much attention lately as most items are done. But the lesson continues!

Now let’s look deeper inside at all the different tabs!

Home Tab

The Home tab is like a summary tab giving you an overview of highlights like your “top tweet,” “top mention” (when someone tags your handle in a comment), and top tweet with media in it.

If you scroll down you see data from previous months.

twitter analytics home tab

Tweets Tab

The next tab to the right is the tweets tab. Here you can see your top tweets, replies, and promoted tweets (if you do them – paid).

And you can sort by different lengths of time to see more data.

analytics twitter tweets

Audiences Tab

Next up is audiences or what kinds of folks are most viewing your twitter page.

Within there you can click on:

  • Overview
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Mobile Footprint

Looks like I have far more male followers. Where my ladies ‘at’?

twitter analytics audiences 1

Hmm…oral care is surprising high here as compared to all twitter users.

analytics audiences 2

Twitter Cards
analytics twitter cards

I haven’t used them yet so I need to click “Get started now” and learn more to get something going!

twitter cards more info

If you have used these yet, comment and share!

Otherwise, it’s on my list for a future topic to test and review! 🙂

Videos (beta)

As of this writing the videos tab says it’s in beta. I have not played with it yet either!

Have you? Share with us.

analytics video twitter

Events tab

This tab gives you insight into major events going on, the dates, and potential audience size. It can help you think of what is or will be trending for planning your social media publishing calendar.

twitter analytics events


Here you find two more drop downs “Manage Apps” and “Conversion Tracking.”twitter analytics tools 2twitter analytics tools


Overall, this analytics sure has gotten more robust since last I used it! There is so much for me to explore and test out.

I hope that this has at least give you the push to jump in there and play around with it too and see how you can leverage it for your business.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, experience, and advice as well.
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