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It Hurts to Hold Back


• "I'm overwhelmed and not sure how to do it all."
• "But it has to be perfect."
• "I'm not expert enough to claim a 'bestselling author' title."

Evil whispers from the Imposter Syndrome Monster put you into analysis paralysis.

You know you want to be a bestselling author (maybe it's been a bucket list goal for a long, long time)...but you feel stalled or unsure...

What can defeat this evil creature and silence his dream-crushing spell?

A well-laid plan that's worked time and again for others just like you! Read on...

Now Imagine...

Right now is the "Golden Age of Self-Publishing."
Hitting a bestseller list used to be only for the very rich, lucky, or über-connected. 
Not anymore [but not everyone has figured it out yet].

With Amazon, they update their rankings every hour, so we all have a fair shake at hitting #1 in our relevant categories!


Imagine what it will look like to see:
• Your book in the #1 spot next to books from authors you may be a fan of
• Screenshot proof of your rankings to use on your website
• The pride in your family and friends' eyes when they see your accomplishment


Imagine your book is live...here's what you can expect...

  • INTERNAL Benefits:
    • Tell your story
    • Fulfill a bucket list dream
    • Increased confidence & pride
    • More clarity in your knowledge
    • Leave a legacy

  • EXTERNAL Benefits:
    • Instant credibility
    • Attract new fans & leads
    • Podcast interviews, speaking gigs
    (with higher fees), and book signings
    • Help people who can't afford your services yet

The truth is there are more benefits than you can predict or imagine.

Laura Petersen on Stage at Podcast Movement

laura on stage podcast movement edit

Success Story Client: Eli Natoli


LEVEL 2 Teaches You How to do Book Signings!


    The Solution


    "Book That Pops" Accelerator LEVEL 2

    • P3: Publish Kindle (Start with the easiest version for your bestseller run)
    • P4: Proof of Bestseller (Follow our T.R.A.C.K. Method for guaranteed bestseller proof!)
    • P5: Paperback & Audio (Take a breather and then let's get your book up in other formats)

    Using the 6 A's of Self-Publishing and T.R.A.C.K. Formula, publish your Kindle and print book to #1 in your relevant categories. Audio book publishing too (if desired).

    Get your "book that pops" published fast, with a proven marketing plan, so that you can hit your bestseller goals and reap all the rewards of being a bestselling published author.

    [Plus bonuses!]

    Your Guide!

    Hi! I'm Laura Petersen (@LaptopLaura)

    I used to be a high school Math teacher & college Psychology instructor before I fell in love with entrepreneurship. (#NerdAlert 🤓)

    After struggling with the Imposter Monster for many years (more than I wish to admit), things started to change after I wrote my first book (in just 30 days) at the end of 2016.

    I hit #1 in Podcasts & Webcasts in the U.S. and Canada (as a first-time author without a big audience or money for ads) and my life and business completely changed for the better.

    Since then, I've helped others like you do it too!

    I truly believe that you have a story to tell, a tribe to attract, a business to grow, and a bigger impact to make...

    ...and a bestselling book is the best tool to help you accomplish it all.


    Pricing Info.


    "Book That Pops" Accelerator LEVEL 2

    Everything you need to self-publish your Kindle, paperback, and audiobook PLUS map out an easy-to-follow marketing plan to hit #1 bestseller even without ads...self-paced!

    BONUS: 24/7 support group with others just like you, plus live Q&A calls to get real-time help.

    BONUS: Call replays to learn from others' questions.

    BUY NOW (only $597)LEVEL 2: Self-Publish #1 Bestseller!


    Davide: Professional Speaker & Speaker Coach

    Jana: High-end Retreat Leader & Coach

    Jared: Podcaster & Marketing Consultant

    Deeper Look at What You Get


    "Book That Pops" Accelerator LEVEL 2

    Everything you need to bring your book to the world and claim your #1 bestselling screenshot proofs and status ...self-paced!

    BONUS: 24/7 support group with others just like you, plus live Q&A calls to get real-time help.

    BONUS: Call replays to learn from others' questions.

    Watch the video to see more!

    BUY NOW (only $597)LEVEL 2: Self-Publish #1 Bestseller!

    Student Case Study

    Kolton Krottinger


    • Disabled Veteran Entrepreneur
    • First Time Author
    • Using book in a free + shipping offer

    "I don't have a college degree. I didn't go to school for this...

    ...I took Laura's course and all I can really says is, 'Wow!'...

    It walked me through every step along the way. And I became a #1 Amazon bestseller in all 3 categories within the first few hours...

    Hands down it is the best course I've ever taken in my entire life!"

    How We're Different

    1. Your instructor is actually a real teacher!


    Not only has Laura been where you are, she's also trained as a teacher (with a Masters degree & TEFL certificate), so she knows how to break things down into easy step by steps!

    2. We care more about helping you than making money.


    Your success is our only priority, not sales. We have a 0 tolerance policy for scammy, bro-douche-marketing.

    3. Teacher's Honor Guarantee protects you!


    Try our programs risk-free. If it's not what you expected or not working for you (we're sure it will though!), email us for a full refund.


    Jaya MK: Numerology Coach, Podcaster

    Mitch: Entrepreneur, Veteran, Speaker

    Larry: Podcast Host, Consultant, Comedian

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    BUY NOW (only $597)LEVEL 2: Self-Publish #1 Bestseller!

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    "Book That Pops" Accelerator LEVEL 2

    • P3: Publish Kindle 
    • P4: Proof of Bestseller
    • P5: Paperback & Audio

    Self-publish your Kindle and print book to #1 in relevant categories. Audio book publishing too (if desired).

    • 6 A's of Self-Publishing
    • T.R.A.C.K. Formula to Hit #1
    • Our fail-safe 8 Week Action Plan
    (day by day and week by week marketing plan)

    Plus Bonuses:
    • 24/7 support group with others just like
    • Live Q&A calls to answer your questions
    • Call replays to learn from others's questions


    BUY NOW (only $597)LEVEL 2: Self-Publish #1 Bestseller!

    Don't let the Imposter Monster win!

    Be a leader.
    Claim your bestselling author status.

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