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Best Selling Author Testimonial

Akbar Sheikh

#1 Best Seller in SIX COUNTRIES!
Hot New Release in EIGHT COUNTRIES!


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Best Selling Author Testimonial

Sabah Ali

#1 Bestseller in two categories!
ROI: Has used book to get on front cover of newspaper, Live T.V. (4x), and speaking on stages around the country!


Write, Publish, and Leverage Your Own Bestseller

Each below follows my proven 7Ps of Author Expert Status Blueprint and
the undefeated T.R.A.C.K. Formula for hitting #1 bestseller on Amazon!


Best Selling Author Testimonial

Larry Roberts

#1 Bestseller in 4 categories!
ROI: Got new leads and clients before book was even up for a week. Booking more podcasts and speaking gigs!



1. What are your success rates?

Of private clients and students who have applied what was taught:

• 97% have hit #1 or better in at least one category (most in more than one category and more than one country!)

• 100% have hit #3 or better in at least two categories

2. How long will it take to finish my book and launch it?

The Biz Book Secrets Masterclass and Author Inner Circle give you a clear step-by-step plan to write a great book even if you don't love writing, self-publish your book without giving up rights or royalties to a publisher, and hit bestseller in relevant categories for bragging rights.

It is customizable to your schedule. I've had college students, digital nomads living abroad, working parents, CEO's, and everyone in between have success.

It's designed for busy entrepreneurs who are ready to take their brand and business to the next level with a bestselling book.

Inside you'll find a detailed calendar to go from no idea to bestseller in 8 weeks.
• But you can work twice as fast and do it in 30 days or less (like Larry Roberts, Sabah Ali, Jared Warner, and I did)
• Or you can take twice as long and complete it in 16 weeks, 90 days, 6 months, whatever works for you!

You have lifetime access, so lock in the special pricing of the masterclass now (before it goes up to match industry competitor pricing) and work on the course at your own pace.

For work with me as a private client, things are customizable depending on how far you are in the writing process and what fits in your calendar. But clients prefer 90 days or less.

3. Do I have to give up my I.P. rights or a percentage of royalties to work with you?

No, no, no!

We are not a publisher (who DOES take a big chunk of profits and intellectual property control). I just love sharing the proven recipe to self-publish on Amazon that's worked for me, my students, my Inner Circle members, and my private clients.

All the royalties you make are yours to keep. All components of your book and work are 100% yours.

My goal is to help you achieve incredible results, save tons of time and headache, leverage your book for business growth, and show you off to the world, you fellow bestselling author, you! 🙂

4. What if I'm already mostly done writing my book?

First of all, congrats!

That is amazing and you are my favorite type of student or client because you are ready to dive into the most fun parts:
1. marketing (even with $0 in ads and no email list!)
2. self-publishing
3. winning that '#1 best-seller' bragging right to leverage like crazy
4. leveraging your book(s) for massive business ROI

Many students jump into Biz Book Secrets Implementation Program, Author Expert Inner Circle, or private consulting with at least part of their book written. That just gives more time to:

• leverage psychology inside your book
• prepare for problem-free self-publishing
• write the best copy you can for Amazon descriptions
• position your book and yourself for the best ROI results
• get ready for the 6+ places to look for screenshots to prove your bestselling status
• map out a plan to use your book as a tool to get more leads, sales, and media exposure
• and more!

Best Selling Author Testimonial

Mitch Durfee

#1 Best Seller in ONE Category!
Hot New Release in THREE Categories!


Best Selling Author Testimonial

Eli Natoli

#1 Bestseller in 4 Countries!
ROI: Getting speaking gigs internationally!


Best Selling Author Testimonial

Jared Warner

#1 Best Seller in ONE Category!
Hot New Release in THREE Categories!


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